Nikita's Showcase


Trickle is an outcome of ETHCapeTown blockchain hackathon, where it won a prize!

Trickle is a blockchain application that lets two parties create secure fixed hourly rate agreements. The smart contract locks the reward for the recipient and releases it in a linear proportion to time. Trickle works with any stablecoin or ERC20-compatible token on top of Ethereum network.

Trickle implements the most transparent financial relationships ever possible: the smart contract locks the reward for the recipient and releases it in a linear proportion to time. Thus, both employer and employee are secure; from the employer's side, they have almost no risks in getting a bad employee as they can cancel the agreement at any time. From the employee's side, they get paid FOR EACH SECOND of their work, and the smart contract guarantees that the value accrued to their balance to time is theirs without exceptions.

  1. The article about Our Victory at ETHCapeTown
  2. My article about Trickle
  3. Trickle GitHub.
  4. Trickle DApp on
  5. Trickle DApp on
Trickle DApp Screenshots Trickle DApp Screenshots


The time analysis service developed from scratch by myself. It enables people to perform advanced calendar time analysis: build dashboards, put widgets on this dashboard and share it with someone else. Primarily, the service builds and visualizes pivot tables of any complexity. There are many configurations and options available for time analysis, check it by visiting, or click on this description to get more information.

This is my number first side project of 2016-2017 years. It is still in active development, and is not officially released. I spent more than 483 hours (as of Aug 7, 2017) working on this project!

In perspective, TimingKit will have a convenient user interface for putting (logging) events into the calendar, capabilities to form reports and send them via e-mail automatically, accounts for businesses, API and many other improvements.

Currently, you can use TimingKit for:

  1. Personal time analytics (analyze how you sleep, work, do sports, etc)
  2. Working hours analytics (very convenient if you work by hourly rate)
  3. E-lines, or e-queues: create a public dashboard to let people know when your properties are available.
  4. Sharing time and hours with others.
  1. The TimingKit Service (there is a demo)
  2. @TheTimingKit on Twitter
  3. TimingKit Community Webpage
The demo of working time analysis The demo of the sleep over past 4 years analysis Past week time analysis example Time distribution over the past year example Sleep VS no sleep per month. Sleep is approximately 1/3 of our time in average, confirmed!

DreamTeam Smart Contracts

Today, I am a leading blockchain developer and architect in DreamTeam startup, the first esports and gaming recruitment and management network.


Cryptocurrency and cryptoplatforms are awesome. I thought about the idea of such platforms and was exited to see how it changes the world on the early stages. I followed the tech news regarding crypto for quite a long time, and finally, in the early 2018, I decided to change my career path to go in this direction.

DreamTeam was a very young and promising startup, with the idea of bringing transparency to the esports and its financial part in particular. They were searching for a blockchain developer and they found me, as well as I found them.

DreamTeam grows fast as a company. Now we have a little office in the silicon valley and are going to move to a bigger office in Kiev, Ukraine. One of the most exiting parts is that I grew up with DreamTeam from a little startup of 20 people to a quite big company of 80 (yet).

  1. DreamTeam Token page
  2. DreamTeam Esports Platform
  3. My blog with articles regarding DreamTeam
  4. DreamTeam smart contracts on GitHub
  5. DREAM Token in Ethereum mainnet

Caché WebTerminal

My first and the most powerful project in the InterSystems corporation. This is a native Caché DBMS terminal emulator in web application with full VT100 escape sequences support, syntax highlighting, intelligent suggesting mechanism (autocomplete) and a lot of other features.


During the Summer internship in 2013, I was working on the first version of the WebTerminal's project. This was an experimental projects which goal was to make a WebSockets application and demonstrate how does it work. But the project grew up, and a lot of corporate members started to use it.

As of today, WebTerminal is used all around the world by more than 100 corporate employees and partners. WebTerminal was integrated into different projects like InterSystems IDEL (online learning platform) and Atom IDE plugin for Caché development, which enable hundreds, if not thousands of people to work with InterSystems technology more efficiently.

The WebTerminal project was almost completely rewritten twice: once in 2013, at the very beginning of the project lifecycle, and once in 2016. The 2016 update solved some major problems with the previous versions, and brought the support of intelligent syntax highlight and a new on-the-fly suggestion mechanism as well as project's architecture improvements.

  1. Official project page
  2. GitHub repository
  3. Old demo of a very first version of WebTerminal
  4. The publication about the WebTerminal project in USA
  5. My article on the project on (russian)
  6. Mentions about WebTerminal on InterSystems Global Summit 2017
The features of WebTerminal demonstration Command execution and autocomplete demonstration

Tab Slider

My multi-browser extension that keeps browser tabs sorted in most recently used order (MRU), from left to right, just like a list of apps is organized on desktop OSes (while holding Alt+Tab). Tab Slider brings this behavior to Chrome browser for your convenience. Try it!

How it works:

  • If you stay on tab more than 1 second (default), it will "slide" to the leftmost position;
  • In this way, most recently used tabs always stay left-to-right ordered;
  • Because of the order, naturally, when switching tabs with Ctrl+Tab, the browser will switch to the next most recently used tab;
  • Pinned tabs will slide to the opposite side, from left to right. This behavior is intended, enabling you to conveniently switch between most recently used pinned tabs and most recently used normal tabs with keyboard shortcuts (Ctrl+Shift+Tab switches to most recently used pinned tab, and Ctrl+Tab switches back to most recently used normal tab).
  • You can customize reordering delay in extension's settings;
  • New active tabs appear left immediately.

Once you understand this concept, you will find such reordering of tabs absolutely natural and logical.

  1. GitHub repository
  2. Install for Chrome
  3. Install for Firefox
  4. Install for Opera
  5. IE and Edge unfortunately don't feature tabs API ;(
The feedback about the extension in Chrome Web Store!

iKnow Entity Browser

A visualizer of InterSystems iKnow entities for 2016.2+ platforms. iKnow is a technology for text mining, information extraction, text exploration and all related natural language processing stuff. iKnow Entity Browser was born to visualize all the relations, entities and dictionaries in texts.

User interfaces have become the major part of my interaction with InterSystems. In the fall of 2016 I agreed to work under iKnow Entity Browser project. Currently this project is not open-sourced.

  1. GitHub repository
The diagram of text entities and relations between them Tabular view compliments the diagram and is always in sync with it Mobile-friendly Settings menu

Caché Visual Editor

A Web-based user interface for InterSystems corporation Caché which allows to create and manage classes literally without touching any code. From the coding stuff it features embedded code editor, and all other things are made visually.

Just Slide Puzzle Game

A customizable slide puzzle game for desktop and mobile devices. The goal of this project is to be a cross-platform, responsive game. This was my first project which actually did what it was created for. I used PhoneGap to serve this solution for Android, iOS and desktop devices.

In this game, the player needs to drag the tiles to complete the puzzle. The game features different modes: simple (random) mode, custom setup mode and the timed mode, where players compete to finish the puzzle as fast as they can.

Just Slide Puzzle game main menu Just Slide Puzzle game setup Just Slide Puzzle game with time Just Slide Puzzle game hints Just Slide Puzzle game complex puzzle without hints

Score Project

My first, self-assigned coursework, written on C++ using Qt library. The main idea behind this project was to make a concept of a programming language that will be 100% visual. The program language that will remain the same on touchscreens or desktops, with the high-understandable and well-debuggable "visual code".

Score Project concept - the link between two nodes Score Project concept - the interaction of nodes Score Project concept - the processes inside a node Score Project - available nodes Score Project - sample scene Score Project - sample scene

Ballzirum Game

This project is my first complete advanced game made on GameMaker engine on GML programming language.

This game features:

  1. 10 pre-set levels with awards and secrets and a level editor, which allows players to create their own levels. Created levels are saved to *.bzm (ballzirum map) files and can be opened later.
  2. Character creation. You can select from more than 30 smileys, name your player and play! All the character data is saved in encrypted *.bzs (ballzirum save) files.
  3. Three locales - English, Russian and Ukrainian, stored in a different *.lang files.
  4. High scores table, based on a local players recordings.
  5. An online mode which enables players to play with each other via the network.
Ballzirum game screenshot Ballzirum game screenshot Ballzirum game screenshot Ballzirum game screenshot - game editor Ballzirum game screenshot Ballzirum game screenshot

GlobalsDB Admin

The administrative user interface for InterSystems corporation GlobalsDB database.

This tool is available for Android and Windows Phone platforms as well as for the web. The mobile platform support was arranged using the PhoneGap tool.

This project got a bronze medal on the Golden Byte international IT-championship competition in 2014.

  1. Official Project Page
  2. GitHub repository
  3. Live demo page
  4. Demo screencast on YouTube
GlobalsDB Admin screenshot - a user interface to GlobalDB GlobalsDB Admin screenshot - a user interface to GlobalDB GlobalsDB Admin screenshot - a user interface to GlobalDB GlobalsDB Admin screenshot - a user interface to GlobalDB GlobalsDB Admin screenshot - a user interface to GlobalDB GlobalsDB Admin screenshot - a user interface to GlobalDB A cup taken at the International IT Championship "Golden Byte" with the GlobalsDB Admin project My diploma for the victory at the International IT Championship "Golden Byte" with the GlobalsDB Admin project My first bronze medal taken at the International IT Championship "Golden Byte" with the GlobalsDB Admin project

Caché Class Explorer

An UML Class explorer for InterSystems corporation Caché.

This project is not just a UML diagram builder, it's an interactive user interface for class viewing and diagram building. Project's key features are:

  • Build class diagrams for arbitrary list of classes;
  • Build diagrams for whole package or subpackage;
  • Edit diagrams after build;
  • Switch between strict UML notation and designed view;
  • Export diagrams as an image;
  • See Class methods, properties, parameters, SQL queries, xDatas and more;
  • See any keywords and related information by hovering over everything with pointer;
  • Check which fields are connected by hovering over link;
  • View methods code, sql queries and xDatas with syntax highlighting;
  • Zoom in and out;
  • Search on diagram or in class tree;
  • Explore!

This project got a golden medal on the Golden Byte international IT-championship competition in 2016.

  1. GitHub repository
  2. My article about the project on InterSystems developer community
  3. My article about the project on (russian)
  4. My article about the project on (ukrainian)
  5. Screencast of the older version on YouTube
  6. Live demo
Caché Class Explorer - package display Caché Class Explorer - package display Caché Class Explorer - help window Caché Class Explorer - settings

Different Games Written By Me in the Childhood

The non-complete list of the game projects written by me when I was a child. The major part of the games is written on GameMaker engine on GML programming language. There are a lot, over one hundred games I have written, but unfortunately many of them were RIP on my old hard drive... Find some screenshots inside! And yes, some of the latest projects actually survived and you can ask me to see them!

This is a small part of hundreds of projects which survived on my old hard drive. Click on the images to get more information.

Tower defence game - a game when you build turrets to stop invading attackers An online game "Smile Wars" - select your skin and enter an online area to fight! A top down shooter game, where you control the panzer against AI's ones Text Zoomer - a notepad for transforming a text to big symbols My top down shooter game WonderFort wars - a game where you spawn attackers to reach the opponent's building WonderFort wars - a game where you spawn attackers to reach the opponent's building Mentalic game - just a bloody "fun" where you are trying to survive the invasion A game when I used perspective view to draw 3d walls

WarCraft Maps Made by Me

When I was 12-13 years old, I created hundreds of WarCraft maps using different scenarios and WarCraft editor scripting language. I thank my friend Maxim for helping me to restore some of this maps from my old hard drive, which was formatted multiple times before we resurrected some of its contents. Unfortunately, some of the mini games are gone forever.

Along others, the most advanced map I made was "Mini-land", where the player can choose from 17 mini games available to play. All this games have 2 difficulty levels and a unique gameplay. Some of mini games are controlled with arrows on the keyboard: I remember it was pretty difficult to implement such controller that time.

My Mini Land game banner! Different mini games player can choose from A mini game where you need to eat pigs! A mini game where you need to move forward avoiding any obstacles A mini game where you need to catch bonuses and avoid anti-bonuses A mini game in which the player needs to drive the sheeps into the shed. Another game where I changed all the troops to be animals and the game strategy to developing instead of attacking A game where player needs to find all the secrets on the map My "RPG" game over the WarCraft inspired by Diablo II How my maps look like from the editor: regions in the world How my maps look like from the editor: regions in the world

Site Designs

Several web projects that I made during my study and work. Now I work mostly with single page applications.

Click on the pictures to see the description.

AnyMarket - my template for the simple online store My very early forum design (when table layouts were a normal way to html the sites!) My very early forum design - a project named "unilore" The admin panel for AnyMarket project Some paper works - an equation solver My first site made when I was 15. The screenshot demonstrates the game on this site My second site made when I was 15. These windows on the screenshot are draggable and resizable! The previous design of my portfolio site Caché Web Terminal project's page designed by me GlobalsDB Admin project's page designed by me The site where you are is also designed and coded by me from scratch :)

My Open Source Packages

Starting from 2016, I began to contribute to open-source community, mostly with JavaScript. Find the links to my projects by clicking this card!

  1. React-XMasonry: masonry layout for ReactJS applications.
  2. Toaster-JS: a very lightweight and featured toasts implementation.
  3. All my Contributions on GitHub: see you there.
  4. All my NPM packages.

Other Minor Projects

Here is a little presentable collection of my micro-projects.

Oil Spread Simulation

Preview The micro-project which visualizes the simulation spread in the ocean. This project has a pseudo-random landscape generator (depth level) and pseudo-random realistic stream direction generation. There are two views available: top view and a sectional view.

  1. GitHub Repository
  2. Live demo
Oil Spread Simulation - view from the top of the ocean and a sectional view Oil Spread Simulation - view from the top of the ocean and a sectional view

Translator (Compiler) of Own Programming Language

Preview During the second course of my university (2014) I was working on "ZitRoLanguage" translator & interpreter - a compiler, which translates my own language to another set of instructions, which is a reverse polish notation sequence of actions and values. Then, this sequence is written to a file, which can be executed later by the interpreter.

This project has thee major techniques of code analysis:

  • downstream analysis;
  • ascending analysis;
  • pushdown automaton.

During the code analysis, analyzer detects any missed symbols and reports any grammatical errors in the code.

  1. GitHub Repository.

Find more on GitHub!

Find more of my projects in my GitHub account.

Nikita's Timeline

7 years of experience in IT & software development

Starting My Career at Google

It happened! I signed a contract with Google and will start there soon as a Software Engineer (well, that's the point from where every engineer has to start at Google). I will relocate to Warsaw, Poland for a while.

My very first project at Google is going to be related to Google cloud, which is primarily developed in Warsaw, and my team is specifically related to networking. Stay tuned!


Databases & Web Training in Sultan Qaboos University Hospital

It's time to meet new people in Muscat, Oman! It is a great pleasure to be welcomed by Sultan Qaboos University Hospital, the university which works with InterSystems technologies. I will provide a training for them, which includes InterSystems technologies, primarily their DBMS and the web.

As always, I will spend a bit more time in Oman for traveling and making creative things!


BlockchainUA Hackathon


This is a the first all-ukrainian hackathon I am taking part in with my colleagues from DreamTeam, a startup I work at, primarily as a blockchain solution architect and a developer. We have some outstanding ideas worth implementing, and this hackathon is the best place to start!


Speaking at BlockchainUA about my Blockchain Solution

This year I've made a great solution of the common blockchain problems which I wanted to share with the world at BlockchainUA, the biggest blockchain and crypto-related conference in Ukraine. I've been invited to speak on a tech stage.

See you there!

  1. My Presentation
  2. Open-Source Solution for Delegated Transactions.
Other speakers and I My presentation My presentation My presentation

Data Platforms & Web Training for Dubai Healthcare Organizations


This is the third time I come to Dubai as a teacher, to the InterSystems' office to conduct a training for Dubai healthcare organizations.

I do share a lot of photos/videos from my trips, you can check them on my Instagram.

InterSystems Dubai Office View

Victory at ETHCapeTown Blockchain Hackathon!


EthCapeTown is a global hackathon organized by ETHGlobal and dedicated to Ethereum blockchain. I came up with an interesting idea which our team could implement in terms of the global Ethereum hackathon. The service which we were aiming to build allows anyone to benefit, as well as DreamTeam, who is sponsoring our participation in the world's biggest blockchain hackathon.

And we've made it! is now live.

Trickle is a blockchain application that lets two parties create secure fixed hourly rate agreements. The smart contract locks the reward for the recipient and releases it in a linear proportion to time. Trickle works with any stablecoin or ERC20-compatible token on top of Ethereum network.

Trickle implements the most transparent financial relationships ever possible: the smart contract locks the reward for the recipient and releases it in a linear proportion to time. Thus, both employer and employee are secure; from the employer's side, they have almost no risks in getting a bad employee as they can cancel the agreement at any time. From the employee's side, they get paid FOR EACH SECOND of their work, and the smart contract guarantees that the value accrued to their balance to time is theirs without exceptions.

  1. The article about Our Victory at ETHCapeTown
  2. The article about Trickle.
  3. Trickle DApp.
  4. Trickle DApp on
  5. Trickle DApp on
Trickle DApp Screenshots Trickle DApp Screenshots

Dev Challenge 13 Final: Presentation about Blockchain Application in Practice

I was invited to the Dev Challenge 13 to tell about our experience in implementing Blockchain solutions. Many thanks to everyone related to this event! I appreciate everything: from organization to the audience that listened to me and asked a lot of questions.

It is almost a year since I joined DreamTeam, a young startup building the future of esports. I develop an Ethereum-based decentralized solution there, from scratch. We've got a lot of experience during this year, and everything that I wanted to share is available in the video below.


Database & Web Trainings for Dubai Healthcare Organizations


It was a pleasure to be invited by InterSystems to conduct a series of courses on databases and web technologies. In Dubai, United Arab Emirates, InterSystems has quite a lot of customers who use their technology. This Summer they were about to join a couple of new hospitals and clinics to their list, and these people needed a training.

For me personally, this was an exciting opportunity to meet new people, get familiar with the new culture and see the city! Dubai was build from scratch just 20 years ago, and now it is the most modern city I have ever seen.

Our Classroom Me near the InterSystems office

Graduation (Master's Degree in Software Engineering)

The date of my graduation!

It has been quite a long time since I started my university, create more than 100 pet projects, got my first job and did a couple of significant side projects. 6 years of education is behind. 5 years of professional part-time experience with over 8 years in IT in total are behind as well. Today is the day to reach new heights and continue to think wide open, as always.

I did my best to get my master's diploma with honors. Now, it's time to bring significant things to this world, full-time!

Graduation! My master's diploma

DreamTeam Blockchain Solution: the Token Economy Begins!

Working in a startup is a very, very important thing I think everyone should try. When you see how business grows from a small team of 4-5 developers to a bigger collective of 6 teams and keeps growing! When you work closely with CEO, have direct impact on how things are done and shape the future of the brand and the product.

My 4 month in DreamTeam as a blockchain developer were a significant boost both for me and DreamTeam. And today, 6/21/2018, we've launched Ethereum DREAM Token, a cryptocurrency that will empower DreamTeam platform and the whole esports industry.

  1. The article about our token and its features (in progress).

Launching The First Blockchain Solution in DreamTeam

We are the first esports platform which launched test blockchain solution for our 500,000+ users. The blockchain part of the solution was made entirely by me and has shown significant results, which you can read about here.

  1. My article about the blockchain solution.
  2. Our smart contracts.

Google Hash Code 2018 Organization & Fun

This year, as well as in previous year I organized a hub for Google Hash Code 2018.

We've got a competition with around 18 teams from our hub, including my own team! I and my friends prepared co-working space Belka for the event; this year we've got some great goodies from Google. Many thanks to Google, everybody who helped me with organization and all the people came to participate, it was fun!

The competition itself was hot! Almost every team submitted their solutions and thus made it more challenging for others. Finally, our team has got a 4th place according to the scoreboard with the score of 43,643,597! I and my friends made 2 different solutions which were performing differently on different data sets.

  1. Google Hash Code
  2. Our solution
  3. Facebook event
  4. Album with photos from the event
Busy with organizational stuff Prepared food! :) 30 Seconds to Code: our team! Our workspace and participants 3rd place 2nd place 1st place! Our team is just the next!

I am a Blockchain Developer!

I always follow trends in technology. Blockchain was one of the things I have been interested in for over a year, until I finally turn my career into blockchain development and R&D thanks to DreamTeam.

DreamTeam is a young startup where I have a key role now: I develop blockchain (Ethereum) solutions. The main reason why I decided to go this way is that this role combines everything I love and much more: blockchain, research and development, great atmosphere, great company, great people, opportunity to grow, learn fast, work with the latest technology and so on.

My job is very responsible and fun at the same time. Unfortunately, it seems like I will pay less time to open source comparing to how much I have contributed there last years. But I won't stop contributing, I'll just change my target a bit: now I will be publishing many blockchain developments and articles!

Read my article on Medium about how I joined DreamTeam and what I do as a blockchain developer.

My workspace A chart displaying Ethereum transactions when we launched our test token on 300000+ users

Explaining Blockchain Technology at Blockchain School

I learned a lot about Blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the last half of the year, and wanted to share my knowledge with others. I had a good chance to do this on Kiev's Blockchain School, which was hosted in our Student's Space Belka. So I organized a micro-lecture along other lectures to share the Blockchain technology basics with 100+ students in the school! This helped them to understand basic concepts and knowledge required to continue practicing, as the school itself requires pretty good understanding of Blockchain technology. It went well!

Explaining Blockchain Explaining blocks and hashes Explaining Blockchain network Explaining Blockchain network Explaining PoW consensus algorithm, answering questions

Hacktoberfest 2017

As an active open source contributor I couldn't miss this event. Hacktoberfest is a "month-long celebration of open source software", organized by Digital Ocean in partnership with GitHub.

The idea of this celebration is simple — you need to create 4 pull requests to any GitHub's open source repositories to win a limited edition T-Shirt and a couple of stickers. They do delivery worldwide, and the prizes were delivered to Ukraine!

See my October's contributions on GitHub.

Gifts from Hacktoberfest Happy me :)

Yggdrasil Coding Challenge

It was a great event organized by Yggdrasil in Kiev! We were solving different coding problems using JavaScript in tight time borders. It was a big fun!

I quickly made the first problem in the first round, but unfortunately in the second round my brain stuck on a very trivial things that I was able to come up with in a couple of seconds afterwards. But I also won a little prize — a bottle of champagne and a branded T-Shirt!

Thanks Yggdrasil for this awesome chance to test myself. My skill to stay concentrated on the task when there is a pressure is now upgraded!

Conding Challange! Conding Challange! Oh God why am I so nervous :) A little prize I get :)

Presenting My iKnow Entity Browser Project on InterSystems Kiev Meetup

This is the first time when InterSystems made a meetup in Ukraine. During this meetup I were presenting InterSystems iKnow technology and my own project, iKnow Entity Browser. InterSystems iKnow is a embeddable technology that enables developers to gain insight from unstructured data and use it to enrich their solutions. iKnow uses a "bottom up" approach to text exploration, discovering concepts and relations within the text itself.

My project, iKnow Entity Browser is a graphical user interface to text exploration, representing the text concepts in a graph structure. You can play with its demo here. It enables users to build rich diagrams, edit and explore concepts very quickly. The application developed by me is adaptive and should fit any device well.

The video of my presentation is available under the photos below (or check this links). There is also an article published by Computer Review describing our meetup.

We use InterSystems solutions! Meetup beginning, community manager Evgeny is speaking Me presenting my project - iKnow Entity Browser

Judging in Golden Byte 2017


Golden Byte 2017 is an international IT championship where I have been taking part in last year and won. This year I was invited to be in the jury committee in the NoSQL Expert nomination!

We were presented 7 great projects at the international final of the competition. All of them were worthy, but three of them were the best. The third place went to the Quasar, a man who created an activity logger for desktop computers. The second place went to TheLab team of three, which developed a medical systems for local clinics in Odessa and started to integrate their solutions there. And the first place was awarded to One Life team of two, which made a job search service for disabled people.

Looking forward to see more exciting projects next year in NoSQL Expert nomination!

NoSQL Expert jury :) NoSQL Expert jury :) This year the competition was in Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv Bronze winner - Quasar team Silver winner - TheLab team Our winners - One Life team!

Organizing Google Hash Code 2017 in Our Workspace!

There is one exiting challenge from Google named Google Hash Code. In short, it is a worldwide online olympiad for programmers, where people form their teams and compete against others during the online qualification round, which lasts for near 4 hours and happens in exact same moment for all the teams. To have more fun, Google suggests organizing teams into hubs — places where they can meet and compete face-to-face with others!

This year I decided to take part in Hash Code, and, to organize a hub by myself, why not? Thanks to my friend Dima, the founder of students co-working Belka Space I took initiative to organize a hub for 2017 Hash Code challenge in Belka.

By 5 days only, we gathered 26 teams of more than 85 competitors (this number was the limitation of our workspace capabilities), and did a great job during the competition itself! We had two top-200 teams in our hub, and it turned out that Ukraine was the number-6 county according to the total number of participants.

The competition itself was a total fun, and I made everything I can to make it as best as possible: prepared booklets and team signs, printed certificates for our local winners, organized a tea with cookies and made this hub exists! Of course, I want to say many thanks to my friends and people who helped me to prepare the room for the competition, you are awesome.

Doing some organizational stuff :) Me talking about Google Hash Code and our participants Our team badges and booklets The certificates I have designed and printed for our local winners Hashcoding! Hashcoding! Hashcoding! Announcing winners! The list of our teams (at the very beginning)

Organizing Course and Hackathon for Students in Czechia


More students are waiting for their programming experience! This time, InterSystems corporation with myself as a teacher organized a course in Europe in Brno, Czechia. I was teaching a basic course of InterSystems Caché technology, web technologies and basic programming practice.

Some of the students were not experienced in programming at all, and during the one-week course of intensive trainings with practical exercises they were doing a great job!

At the end of the course, we had a two-day hackathon. Students formed their teams and selected their project's topics they have been working with during all the hackathon. At the end, 5 teams had their presentations and they did surprisingly perfect job! Some of the most noticeable projects were Caché Redis, Translator and others. It was so outstanding to see that people that was not familiar in programming did such great results.

Here's some (anonymized) feedback received from my students:

Good, experienced trainer. What I like the most - the ability of the teacher to explain complicated things in simple words, it's very important for students.
Anonymous Feedback
Nikita was very good teacher.
Anonymous Feedback
Nikita's English is very good and also his teacher's skills.
Anonymous Feedback
Nikita is classified instructor who knows the issues Caché. Course was interesting and thanks to him speaking.
Anonymous Feedback
Nikita is + Very patient + Good tempo with exercise book flow + Good pronunciation in english + Skilled + Rational etc... no problems
Anonymous Feedback
Translator Team VCard Team Football Team RedisDB Project Leader Marek Google Calendar Team Our Participants and Organizers!

Teaching Teachers in Amity University, India


Amity University in Noida, Delhi is the biggest private university of India. This winter was hot to me: I came there to spread the knowledge of InterSystems technologies! During one week, I was teaching InterSystems Caché DBMS for the teachers and professors of AIIT faculty of the Amity University.

This was my first trip to India, and it went exciting! Many thanks to professor assistant Shambhu Kumar Jha, Prof. Sunil Kumar Khatri and all the faculty members, who were taking care of me.

For me India looked like a very contrast country. Despite of the dirty and messy streets, smog and other untidy things there, Delhi has a lot of totally different things from the usual countries, and it is exactly worth visiting place. I wish I have chosen in advance to stay there for at least one more week!

My Group in Amity University! Prof. Sunil Kumar Khatri, Director of AIIT department is on the right, and Mr. S. K. Jha, Assistant Professor (Grade III) is on the left on the photo. Me and my assistant professor Mr. S. K. Jha The classroom where the classes have been happening. On the photo, my manager, Evgeny Shvarov is telling about InterSystems The lecture recording classrooms in Amity University Amity University

Teaching Web Technologies in Moscow for Government Company Staff


The government company, MosVodoKanal, which provides a water for the whole Moscow required a web-development course, based on the InterSystems technologies. I was a teacher for the engineers and a manager of the company, and it was a three-day course during which I introduced not only the InterSystems stuff, but all the trends in web technologies as well. The feedback was exceptionally positive and I enjoyed this time in Moscow with a lot of stories and jokes we were telling each other.

The flying duck! My little programming friend The meeting room, where the course was placed

Teaching Students in Czech Republic


It was an exciting trip to the Czech Republic, where I handled my first international course. I was teaching Czech students to use InterSystems technologies and, when we finished with the basic course we made a "bonus" web course and have written two more web applications — an online bulletin board with the authorization key retrieval from the super server, and a WebSockets chat.

It was fun and a tremendous experience both for me and the students.

Certificates signed by me for my students! Martin and Jan, the most powerful students made an exciting trip around the Brno city for me. Thank you! Funny drawings in our dinning room The online bulletin board exercise for students. They were asked to code a REST server which will respond with some data to my computer's request. Our classroom

Becoming a Junior Lieutenant!

The National Technical University of Ukraine has its own military department. I was studying there for 2 years, starting from 2014 and now I got a Junior Lieutenant rank. Glory to the heroes!

A calm morning at our military department Bullets for Makarov pistol Bullets for Kalashnikov rifle A dog on my knee... There are a lot of homeless dogs on the polygon. Our platoon and me, holding the diploma The diploma fiven to me for my study and discipline

Graduation (Bachelor's Degree)

I was graduated with honors in the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute" and continued to get my master's in the same field of study as before, software engineering. It was a good four years of study which changed my life significantly.

My bachelor's diploma was the Caché Class Explorer project, introducing an enhanced version of the traditional UML notation.

My red diploma - graduation with honors The award from my university for my success in study

First Place in International IT-Championship

This time at the international IT championship "Golden Byte", organized by the computer academy "Step" in Kiev I shown my Caché Class Explorer project and got a first place in NoSQL Expert nomination!

The short video presentation of me and my project is available on my YouTube channel.

The cup I got for the first place The medal I got for the first place The diploma I got for the first place Excited me talking about my project and giving some advices to everybody My happiness!

My First Publication in American Book

Thank to my pen friend Paul Mike Kadow, who offered me to place the information about me and my projects at InterSystems in his book, my chapter (the whole chapter 16 "Web Based Enhancements") was published in United States.

I was the only author of the chapter 16 in the book, and Mike was my editor. This chapter describes my biography in short, and four of my projects done for InterSystems: Caché Web Terminal, Light Pivot Table, Caché Class Explorer and GlobalsDB Admin. Thank you very much, Mike!

The package with the book from Mike The book A chapter in the book dedicated to me and my projects My projects described in the book

The First Place at the XVI All-Ukrainian Conference

Once a year the faculty of linguistics of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute" organizes a conference dedicated to innovations in science and technology. This year it was a XVI All-Ukrainian Students R&D Conference "Innovations in Science and Technology".

My presentation at the conference was chosen by judges as the best presentation, and I was awarded with the certificate. This year the topic of my presentation was about the InterSystems Caché storing and visualizing options, and what can be done for improving the visualization of the data. That's how the Caché Visual Editor was born.

The certificate for the 1st place in the conference The certificate for participating in the conference

Participation in Manchester's University Research

This social empirical project is organized by The University of Manchester, and the goal of this project was to make a research over the capability of ukrainians to work in small groups, created from the random people. Me and 3 more persons were closed in a dedicated room with the supervisor, and we were discussing the major problems and resolutions of Ukrainian universities.

Manchester's University Project Participant Appreciation

Teaching in Ukrainian State Enterprise


State Enterprise "State Center of Information Resources of Ukraine" requested a course from InterSystems corporation. They wanted to introduce InterSystems' technologies to their workflow. For the first time, after my exiting experience of teaching students, I was offered to become a teacher for this State Enterprise.

The course was 5 days long. In addition to the employees of this enterprise, there were also two professors from the State University of Telecommunications. This was an important event for me, and it went perfectly!

Our group!

The First Place at the XV All-Ukrainian Conference

Once a year the faculty of linguistics of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute" organizes a conference dedicated to innovations in science and technology. This year it was a XV All-Ukrainian Students R&D Conference "Innovations in Science and Technology".

My presentation at the conference was chosen by judges as the best presentation, and I was awarded with the certificate. This year the topic of my presentation was about the information security and the best ways to keep the data safe in the modern computerized world.

The certificate for the 1st place in the conference The certificate for participating in the conference

Participating in InterSystems Innovations School

Once a year, InterSystems corporation organizes a big event named "InterSystems Innovations School", where people from all over the world share their experience and projects done for the past year.

This year I was talking about my Class Explorer project and the "new" way of developing web application on InterSystems products.

The certificate for the 1st place in the conference

Internship in USA


It was my first trip to United States. It was a tremendous experience! The internship was held by InterSystems international corporation in Cambridge, MA, but I have also visited New York and a Cape Cod island. I was staying there for three months.

Me and around 25 more interns were practicing with the corporation's internal projects during the Summer in the biggest corporation's office located at One Memorial Drive. It was a full-time occupation, but by the Summer's program we have visited a lot of different places: we've tried kayaking, was at Kings Boston bowling, visited Fenway Park to see the Red Sox baseball game and had a lot of fun organizing our own trip to the Cape Cod island.

I was working under the vMonkey project with my colleague Matthew Gross. In general, this project is a corporate user interface for the VMware vCloud Director's API, allowing people in the company to create remote virtual machines with any configuration and InterSystems products pre-installed on them for the temporary testing purposes. The user interface helped people to set up, manage and control these virtual configurations. The global task for me and Matthew for the Summer was to complete the transition between the VMware Lab Manager and VMware vCloud Director, as VMware dropped support of Lab Manager, which was widely used in the vMonkey project. In addition, I created an interface to manage templates of configurations: the basic setup of the virtual machine which can be cloned with one button.

The complete presentation of our work and experience is available here.

Our interns listening about InterSystems Moving to the Cape Cod island with InterSystems interns We're moving to the Cape Cod beach - the most beautiful beach I have ever seen We are playing freesbie My coin collection! Watching the Boston's red sox game with our interns Me at the InterSystems office building Our vMonkey project control panel interface. Unfortunately, they didn't have plans to redesign it... The view from our office to the Charles river Our kayaking cover Me and my kayaking friend from China Kayaking - our interns Me in the New York city, at the Ellis Island

Talking About NodeJS in My University

With the help of my friend Dima this event become true. In the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute", me and my friend Timur gathered an open technical meeting for anyone interested, introducing a NodeJS technology. We were speaking for about two hours for around 150 visitors about the future of JavaScript, NodeJS and the power of this tools.

The presentation of our lecture is available on SlideShare, and a video recording can be found on YouTube. The related information is stored on VK event page.

The poster of our NodeJS meeting Me talking about the advantages of NodeJS and JavaScript Our listeners =)

Victory in the International IT Championship

I took part in the international IT championship "Golden Byte", organized by the computer academy "Step" in Kiev and got a third place in nomination "NoSQL Expert" with my project GlobalsDB Admin. There is also my article published about this tool.

The short video presentation of me and my project is available on my YouTube channel.

A cup taken at the International IT Championship "Golden Byte" My diploma for the victory at the International IT Championship "Golden Byte" My first bronze medal taken at the International IT Championship "Golden Byte"

My First Teaching Experience


It was an open self-organized web courses for the students of the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kiev Polytechnic Institute". Started from scratch, me and my friends Andriy, Kolya, Misha and Dima gathered around 120 motivated students and divided them into 4 groups (1, 2, 3, 4).

Our goal was to organize a free, non-profit courses to share our experience. Once we opened a registration for the course, we received a huge amount of applications (around 400). Because we were able to handle 120 students at max (30 students per group), we asked students to compose a motivation letter to us, and we were choosing from the most motivated students.

I was the teacher of the first group, and I also introduced the course to all the listeners during the first meeting. Each group had its own training program, developed by the group leaders. My program was covering mainly HTML, CSS, JavaScript, NodeJS and MongoDB technologies. See the detailed program and schedule of the courses if you are interested.

The course went excellent, and it was an exciting experience both for me and my students.

The first lecture in our self-organized school Writing a snake game with my students The Space King online game - our final project!

Internship in Russia


It was my first internship, and a first long-stay experience abroad. I was the one of three interns who passed the tests and were chosen for the InterSystems Summer internship. From July till September I have been staying in Moscow, Russia, where the closest affiliate to Ukraine of InterSystems corporation were located.

It was an exciting trip during which I got my first corporate experience. It turned out that working in a big corporation (it was my first year of studying in the university) is not so complex as I could imagine, and conversely, it's a fun. During the Summer I have been working on my biggest project in the company - WebTerminal. Also I created a concept application which soon turned to GlobalsDB Admin project. As well as with these projects I have been working on the different company's internal project.

The certificate for the successful internship completion The certificate for completing InterSystems Caché basic course The certificate for completing InterSystems DeepSee course The certificate for completing InterSystems Ensemble course The big event in Moscow - InterSystems Symposium, where the Moscow company tell it's success over the past year Meetings on InterSystems Symposium The view from the company's office in the World Trade Center Moscow Our company playing kerling! Me, fixing my notebook after the crash on my workplace Our friendly international family in the hostel where I have been staying

Graduating From Technical Lyceum

It was inspiring two years of study in the Technical Lyceum of the Kiev city. By this time I got a lot of experience and was surrounded by creative and interesting people.

For the end of the studying in the lyceum, I created one of my best ever videos, a 7-minute video about our group. Check it out!

The award for participating in radioelectronics competition, where
teams were supposed to solder the microchip faster then others The gratitude for my active position in lyceum's life The honourable mention for my academic achievements

Getting an Adult Rank in Swimming

In 2009 I was classified as a 3 adult category swimmer in breaststroke swimming style. In fact, one year later I got a 2nd adult classification, but unfortunately I didn't get the paper which proves my certification.

I was swimming professionally for about 2 years in Kiev Underwater Sports Palace, where I got the certification. I did the distance of 50 meters in 39 seconds. My personal record was 37 seconds, which is the 2nd adult classification.

The certificate for the 3rd rank in swimming in breaststroke style in a distance of 50 meters

Merit for the Success in Study in School (3-G)

At the third class of my school I was an exemplary pupil, and for the year of my excellent study I got a merit.

A merit for the year of success in studying

Merit for the Success in Study in School (2-G)

At the second class of my school I was an exemplary pupil, and for the year of my excellent study I got a merit.

A merit for the year of success in studying


I was born in Kiev city, the capital of Ukraine.

Nikita Savchenko

A creative man who enjoys what he does
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